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6 Tips for Creating Higher Quality Listings on

High Quality Walmart Marketplace Listings Drive Conversions

High Quality Walmart Marketplace Listings Drive Conversions

Ever wonder what distinguishes a great listing from a not-so-great one? Use this handy checklist to see what can help you get more customers and more sales!

  1. Determine the right category for your products.

Categorization impacts how your product will appear in search and browse results on, so make sure you review our Content Standards before choosing the your product category during item setup.

  1. Check for typos or errors when entering in your item’s Product Identifier.

If your item is set up with an incorrect product identifier such as a GTIN, UPC, ISBN, and EAN, your content may be displayed incorrectly making it harder for customers to find the product they want. 

After submitting your items to Walmart, check the Activity Feed dashboard in Seller Center to ensure no errors occurred. It can take up to four hours for your items to process after being submitted to Walmart.

  1. Provide concise product titles, descriptions, & features.

Review the Product Detail Page: Overview to optimize your listing quality, and check out our Content Standards: Overview for product-specific image requirements and recommended attributes and descriptions.

  1. Upload high-res images or rich media.

Make your products stand out visually and include a minimum of four professional, high-resolution images. Review our Product Detail Page: Image Guidelines & Requirements for more details.

Use dynamic multimedia content such as 360-Spin Images or videos to enhance your product listings.

  1. Attribute everything.

Fill out all required and recommended attributes as best as you can. Thorough attribution helps increase product visibility in browse and search results and ensures items show on correct ‘shelf’ pages. If any required attributes are missing, your item will remain unpublished and in a draft state. 

  1. Keep your items in stock and your prices competitive.

Once you have built a robust listing, you must add inventory and price before your items appear on The item will remain unpublished until you add inventory and price. 

Ensure it is priced competitively to help drive conversion and win the Buy Box. To learn more, review our Pricing Rules.