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Ecommerce Marketing Las Vegas, NV

Conversion Rate Optimization

Knowing where your ecommerce stores’ traffic comes from is easy, knowing what drives your stores’ conversions is much harder. However, once you know what drives conversion optimization in your store, you then have the power to increase conversions. Increasing conversions requires a deep understanding of your ecommerce platform, your products, your demographic, your shipping, and your pricing (for starters). All this is part of a formula that is unique to your brand.

Think of this formula as a throttle, which can be increased or decreased depending on variables such as season, inventory, or labor. Understanding your conversion optimization formula gives you a distinct advantage over your competitors. It saves money on advertising, helps to more efficiently re-order inventory and can even help lower labor costs.

Affordable Marketing Las Vegas, NV offers expert solutions for Conversion Optimization, Ecommerce Marketing, Ecommerce Advertising, Ecommerce Integrations, Ecommerce Design, and Ecommerce Development.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Increase Conversions Faster

A lot of marketing people make the mistake of trying to sell marketing services with the “hope” of increasing conversions. Hope is great, but it can’t be your marketing strategy. Wasting your budget on random marketing services won’t guarantee more conversions, it’s a shot-gun approach that has little hope of success.

There’s no one-size-fits-all magical strategy that can be implemented to automatically increase the conversions in your ecommerce store. If there were, we would be out of business tomorrow. This is where Affordable Marketing Las Vegas, NV is vastly different from our competitors. We’re not here to sell you marketing services, we are here to partner with you and your team to create the right formula to increase conversions, and ensure that your ecommerce store remains stable, and profitable.


Marketing & Advertising

Ecommerce marketing Las Vegas, NV may include many marketing mediums, while ecommerce advertising usually includes far fewer. The general rule of thumb is to expand your ecommerce marketing efforts to fit or complement your conversion optimization strategy, eventually reducing your ecommerce advertising spend with the supplemental marketing traffic.

As a business owner or manager, you know that marketing is not free. Even though you’re not paying for clicks, there are costs associated with marketing campaigns. The key to effective ecommerce marketing is knowing your demographic, understanding this helps you to target specific marketing mediums that will produce ROI more efficiently. Keeping in mind that every marketing piece should be targeted towards your conversion optimization Las Vegas, NV strategy. Put simply, more is not necessarily better.

As we have said before, one size does not fit all. The marketing mediums you need to increase your conversions and produce ROI will be far different than in another ecommerce store. And this is precisely why most marketers miss the mark, they have one strategy and that’s what they will try to sell you. Affordable Marketing has a very large toolbox, and we can offer many marketing mediums our competitors won’t or can’t offer because we have a much wider bandwidth of talent and experience.

It doesn’t matter how much traffic you get, if the traffic is not converting then your marketing is failing. This is why we start with conversions and work our way out of the conversion funnel. Our ecommerce marketing team at Affordable Marketing has one goal when creating and optimizing your ecommerce marketing, and that is to increase your conversions.

The world of advertising has changed drastically in a short amount of time, and if your advertising has not kept up with the changes then you are wasting your advertising budget. The days of placing ecommerce text-ads on Google and waiting for traffic are a thing of the past, and we say good riddance.

The opportunities on advertising platforms that cater to ecommerce advertising such as Google Merchant, have become an absolute must for every ecommerce store. However, getting your products listed on Google Shopping can be a steep hill to climb for many merchants. The technical aspects can be a bit like juggling, you can never take your eye off the process, and this requires an experienced and diligent ad team to protect your investment.

There are other opportunities on Microsoft and social media for placing similar ecommerce ads, while the traffic and conversions are greatly reduced when compared to Google Shopping these platforms should not be overlooked. This means that you need a smart advertising team who knows each merchant shopping platforms technology. They must know your demographic, and who your competitors are to keep your product ads competitive and ensure high quality/conversion producing traffic.

If you’re expecting to increase your ecommerce conversions with ecommerce advertising, then you need the most experienced team that understands all aspects of this medium. While ecommerce shopping ads can have an enormous payoff for merchants, they can also drain your advertising budget if not managed by an experienced advertising team. Choose your ecommerce advertising Las Vegas, NV team wisely, schedule a free ZOOM consultation with our team today and we’ll show you that we have the skills and experience required to increase your ecommerce conversions through ecommerce advertising.

Ecommerce Integrations

Selling your products directly on high traffic platforms such as Google Shopping, Microsoft Shopping, Shops on Facebook, Instagram Shopping, and TikTok Shop require integrating your products directly on each of these platforms. Some will allow you to sell directly on their platform, and others will send your ecommerce site customers who are ready to purchase your products.

Listing your products on these high traffic sites can greatly increase your conversion rate, this is an opportunity you should not take lightly. Merchants who don’t understand the technical aspects of integrating their products tend to either skip it all together or let an unqualified marketing person “figure it out”. The result is often diminished sales and quality traffic. The opportunity is real and the sales these sites (especially Google Shopping) can generate could be substantial if done right.

Ecommerce Integrations

Most ecommerce platforms such as WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce and Magento sell code that helps with integrating your products into these sites, however this only solves part of the equation. Often just setting up these offsite accounts on various platforms can be a challenge, getting validated and making sure you’re following all the rules and policies can be frustrating even for the most experienced developers.

Your store can also be suspended for not following complex procedures when listing your products on these platforms, this can result in days or weeks of added frustration and stress. You will save time and frustration and be up and running faster if you let an experienced ecommerce developer do it right the first time.

Ecommerce Design

A professionally designed ecommerce store costs far less than you might imagine, and the design process can be far easier than you may think. You can choose from hundreds of pre-built template designs and have your store launched in weeks, or work with our designers to custom design your ecommerce stores template.

Either way you will have a beautiful new store or new design for an existing store, for a fraction of the cost most of our competitors charge for the exact same service. We deliver so much more than a beautiful ecommerce store, we ensure your store meets the design standards required by Google for user and device friendliness.

Google Standards

Designing a beautiful ecommerce store is about so much more than just a great looking website, its about laying the foundation for all the functionality that will take place when customers view your store. In fact, Google doesn’t even care if your ecommerce store is aesthetically pleasing (or not). Google only cares if the functionality of your store meets their set of standards. Meaning that they will grade your ecommerce store when you launch it, and if its not up to Google “standards” it will suffer across their entire platform reducing your traffic and sales.

Due to Google’s design standards, your ecommerce store template (whether custom or pre-built), might be the single most important factor in how well your site performs on Google. One standard Google requires you to meet is that your ecommerce store is viewable on any device (desktop, mobile, and tablet). There are many more standards that Google has in place across their platform that your store should comply with. In short, your ecommerce store should comply with all of Google’s rigorous standards for your store to perform well on Google’s platform which includes search, merchant/shopping, ads, places/maps, snippets, and more.

Why don’t other design and marketing agencies mention Google standards on their websites? The answer to this is simple, do these other companies sell Google related marketing and advertising services? If so, then you might have your answer. If you ask them about Google requirements, they will either tell you that they don’t matter in the design process (which they do) or tell you that they have marketing plans you can purchase after you launch your site. And there is your answer.

Launching Your Ecommerce Store

Why pay a fortune to fix your site to meet Google’s standards after you launch? Neglecting core standards such as page load speed, page experience, cumulative layout shift, and accessibility will impede sales. Designing your ecommerce stores template is not the place to cut corners, use inexperienced designers, or DIY.

Launching your new ecommerce store or redesigning your current ecommerce store doesn’t have to be expensive or scary. If you hire an agency that is honest and upfront about the challenges you will face in generating sales after your site launches, then you will feel more confident and motivated to meet these challenges. Our goal is to help you generate sales, we do this by working with you to create a roadmap for your successful launch.

Launch Faster, For Less

You will launch your ecommerce store faster, and with far better results if you let the ecommerce designers Las Vegas, NV at Affordable Marketing help you. Schedule a free ZOOM consultation today, to learn how.

Ecommerce Development

Hiring a professional ecommerce developer Las Vegas, NV will guarantee that every aspect of your ecommerce store is configured properly before you launch. Core functions such as properly adding products, configuring shipping, and configuring payments will launch your store correctly and much faster. If you need to import data from one existing store/platform to another (ex. Shopify to WooCommerce), our ecommerce developers can do this correctly the first time.

Ecommerce Configuration

Hiring a professional ecommerce developer will guarantee that every aspect of your ecommerce store is configured properly before you launch. Core functions such as properly adding products, configuring shipping, and configuring payments will launch your store correctly and much faster. If you need to import data from one existing store/platform to another (ex. Shopify to WooCommerce), our ecommerce developers can do this correctly the first time.

Plugins & Apps

Adding features such as plugins can slow the load time of your ecommerce store and can even interfere with the execution of your stores code if they are not compatible with other plugins. Our ecommerce developers are experts in compatibility, they will test and certify that all the original platform code, template code, and plugin code is compatible and working efficiently in your ecommerce store.

Product Feeds

Adding product feeds to your ecommerce store to propagate your products into third party marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay or Etsy is another example of why you need a professional ecommerce developer. Don’t upload spreadsheets when you can directly connect critical functions such as product details and images, inventory, pricing, and orders. Keep everything up to date across your selling environment, to ensure your customers have the best buying opportunities.

Site Data Migration

If you’re thinking about changing the ecommerce platform where your store is hosted, then you should understand that the data migration process is very serious. Some things to consider when migrating your data are customer accounts, orders (including order numbers), product data, reviews, and of course sales data. Also, if you conduct business through product feeds on Google Shopping or any shopping site or marketplace such as Amazon, then you will need to recreate each feed.

We strongly recommend that you do not use an automated process to move your data. As you can see data migration is too complicated to automate and requires a professional developer. Also, once you move your domain to a new host you may no longer be able to retrieve the original data, as it will eventually be deleted by your old ecommerce hosting company.

Third Party Data

If you have special needs for your store such as retrieving third party data, we can build custom apps that allow you to securely send and receive data between your ecommerce store and third-party apps. Data integrity and privacy is critical, we ensure that both are managed correctly, and maintained accordingly.

Custom Applications

For those ecommerce merchants who require this level of development we have programmers that are experts in WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, and Magento. Contact us to share your specific needs and get the conversation started. We’re happy to give our expert recommendations, and a free estimate to complete your custom app project.