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What Is Google Merchant?

Is your ecommerce store on Google Merchant? If you have an online store that sells and ships products, then you already qualify to sell on the Google merchant platform. This platform encompasses the following Google properties: Google Merchant, Google Shopping, Google Ads, Google Maps/Places, YouTube, and Images. All these are combined to give Google customers an environment to search for products while immersing them in a content rich experience. In short, if you need to be selling your products here.

But before we proceed let’s clarify the names for those who may be new to the platform. Google Shopping is the customer facing part of this platform, this is where customers view ads on Google and can view the shopping platform much like an ecommerce store. The merchant facing part of this platform is called Google Merchant, this is where merchants can interact with the Google Shopping platform by creating their merchant account and adding products from their ecommerce store. As we dive into this exciting Google platform, we will look at both Google Shopping and Google Merchant.

Affordable Marketing provides the following Google Merchant services: Google Merchant account creation, account configuration, Google Merchant revenue optimization, account troubleshooting, and Google Merchant account management.

What Is Google Merchant?

If you have an online store that sells and ships products, then you already qualify to sell on Google Merchant. Our Google account creation service can activate your account faster, your get products eligible to display on Google Search, Google Shopping, Google Ads, Google Maps/Places, YouTube, and Images. All these are combined to give Google customers an amazing environment to search for products while immersing them in a content rich experience.

In short, if you sell products online then you need a Google Merchant account, and this requires our Google Merchant account creation service. If you don’t already have a Google Merchant account, or if you created an account but never completed your account configured then please request a free ZOOM consultation with our Google experts at Affordable Marketing, located at the bottom of this page. They will explain the cost and time for getting your account created and your products listed on Google.

If you already have an account that is online and running on Google, and need help with optimization, troubleshooting, or management, then please request a free ZOOM consultation with our Irvine, CA Google experts at Affordable Marketing, located at the bottom of this page.

Configuring your Google Merchant account can be a bit overwhelming for the inexperienced, but for our Google experts its just another day at the office. We have configured many Google accounts and have listed an endless amount of product types. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, if your products are allowed on the Google platform then we can get them listed in Google Shopping.

For those with little to no experience in setting up ecommerce stores or marketplace accounts we want to caution before you attempt to configure your own account. Misconfiguration of your account or launching too soon and getting suspended, could end up costing you more to fix than the original configuration. We prefer a new account setup because then we know that all the settings have been completed by an experienced Google account manager. Also, since we document every step of the way we can always go back to our documentation to troubleshoot and fix potential issues much faster which means less potential downtime.

This gives our clients the confidence in knowing that their account has been configured correctly from the beginning. This is especially helpful once revenue starts coming in, the last thing you want is an incorrect setting or configuration shutting down your account while the problem is tracked and fixed.

Google Merchant Revenue Optimization

Optimization is the place for experts, this is where your account is reviewed from top to bottom for anything that might cause a hiccup in the performance of your account. This is also where your Google account experts look for every opportunity to enhance your account for maximum sales.

This could mean diving into your website and making site to ensure everything matches your Google account, and looking for opportunities within your Google account and on every Google platform where your products will be displayed.

If you have an existing Google Merchant account that is not performing as well as you think it should, then we can help. Often low performing Merchant accounts can be attributed to configuration issues, or website content that is not syncing with your Google Merchant account. Sometimes a low performing Google Merchant account can be due to being in a very competitive space. We love these types of challenges because we always win. We know what to look for in your competitors accounts, we can see where they have gone wrong and what they have done right. Competing on Google Merchant means being an expert in the technology, and this includes Google Ads.

Also, don’t fall into the trap that you can’t possibly change agencies, many of our clients changed agencies to Affordable Marketing and are grateful they did.

If your Google Merchant account has been suspended, then we can help. The first thing we want to make clear here is that you are not the first merchant to experience a Google Merchant suspension, and its not personal. Also keep in mind that Google is not a great communicator to begin with. And if your account has been suspended, they tend to send vague messages about the cause of the suspension, at a time when you need the exact reason for the suspension. Google suspension explanations can be a bit of a red herring, as they tend to lump one single issue into a bucket with many different issues and don’t always give the merchant the needed details to resolve the suspension.

This is where our Google account managers become especially helpful, as they have years of experience in reviewing Google Merchant accounts and locating potential issues. Often, they do not need Google to explain the problem in detail because they usually know how to find and resolve it on their own.

If you have received a Google Merchant account suspension, your ads will stop running. That means no more revenue from Google until the issue is resolved. Keep in mind that every Google Merchant account suspension has its own unique set of circumstances and requires a unique response. We have worked with many merchants experiencing suspension and have ultimately been able to get every account reinstated and back online. While we cannot make any promises as to how long it might take to get your account reinstated, or what steps will need to be taken, what can promise is that we won’t stop until your account is reinstated.

Whatever you do, never aggressively push back on Google support. They are here to help you and while it may not seem like it at the time, it is true. The best thing you can do if your account is suspended is to call us right away, we will dive into the problem and put our years of experience to work in getting your Google Merchant account reinstated.

Google Merchant Account Management

Google Merchant accounts are not the type of advertising that you can configure and then walk away, these accounts require daily attention to maintain and optimize. Our Irvine, CA Google Merchant Management Service allows merchants to continue running their account at the highest levels possible, while feeling confident that the revenue steam created by your Merchant account will continue to grow.

Unfortunately, we do not offer Google Merchant account training. This platform can be complex even for experienced account managers and while we do offer you and your team an account overview of the services, training is not a service we can provide. In these cases, we will highly recommend the merchant use our management services to avoid unfortunate situations such as account suspension.

Along with our management service, we also provide a monthly briefing with full reporting to the merchant. This is where you can get a wide-angle view of your accounts performance. If you use our management services, you will also be assigned an account manager who will be available daily for questions and concerns.

Affordable Marketing Google account managers are experts in every single aspect of the platform, with years of experience managing and optimizing Google Merchant, and Ads accounts. Schedule a free ZOOM consultation today with Affordable Marketing and see if our Google Merchant services are a good fit for your company’s needs.

Marketplace Optimization

If you have an ecommerce website and you’re also selling on one of the large marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, or eBay, then you probably want to read this page about marketplace optimization as it may open doors you didn’t know existed.

Most of our customers who have ecommerce websites sell in marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, or eBay and they make a killing! This is not just hyperbole, once our marketplace experts optimize an account and create advertising campaigns our customers almost immediately begin to see the amazing impact on their marketplace sales.

While the marketplace optimization space is relatively new, there are few marketing agencies that offer a fully rounded strategy like Affordable Marketing offers. The reason we can offer these services is because we are experts in each of them, our depth of knowledge and understanding of each marketplace far outpaces the top agencies.

Affordable Marketing provides the following Marketplace Strategy services: Marketplace Connect, Marketplace Advertising, Marketplace MPO, Marketplace B2B, and Marketplace Dropshipping.

Marketplace Connect

Marketplace connections are basically product feeds that take products from your ecommerce store and add them into your marketplace account. Installing feeds in your ecommerce store can be very misleading for the merchant. But its not the merchants fault because merchants are often led to believe that vendors who offer these feeds such as ecommerce platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce plugin vendors are giving them a complete solution to their marketplace account needs.

It’s unfortunate for merchants who need more help than just a connection, as they are on their own once the connection is made with little help in marketplace optimization. This is where Affordable Marketing experts step in to complete the proper setup and configuration of the merchants marketplace account. We optimize your product feed to send accurate data, and make sure that you send only data that you want in your marketplace accounts. Often merchants don’t want to send 100% of their products to a marketplace account due to vendor restrictions, or they may want to change prices or inventory between their ecommerce store and their marketplace account, we can do that.

Connecting your ecommerce store with your marketplace account is so much more than just making a connection, in fact the connection is just the beginning since marketplace optimization is not automatic. Once the connection is made, the feed itself needs to be configured and optimized. This is where most ecommerce platforms and plugin software vendors neglect to inform merchants of the limits in their connection, leaving merchants to incorrectly believe their account is complete. The reality is that the job has just begun, especially for merchants who have strict vendor controls over what they can and cannot sell in marketplaces. The last thing you want is an angry call from a vendor telling you to take down products that are not supposed to be on a marketplace. This is also not a one-time thing, every time a software vendor updates their code, your feed can reset and that means stepping in to ensure that your original configuration remains correct.

Don’t be fooled by slick marketing that makes it look like its so easy to get your products from your ecommerce store into your marketplace account, because that is simply not the case. Talk to the experts to find out more, we offer a free Zoom consultation to get you headed in the right direction, saving you time and money.

Marketplace advertising can drive amazing sales, but it can also drain your profits if you’re inexperienced in marketplace advertising and exceed your advertising budget. With some marketplaces such as Amazon and Walmart, there are so many competitors all competing for the same demographic it makes it almost impossible to generate substantial sales without advertising and that means another added cost. Its easy to see with so many potential clicks and competitors, the risk of overspending on ads becomes a serious consideration.

Understanding that advertising in marketplaces will be necessary to generate substantial sales, you should first decide on an advertising budget. While considering your ad budget you should also consider the marketplace merchant fees. You can’t get around the basic merchant fees, and you will also have to pay a service fee for using the marketplace credit card gateway. With all the additional costs associated with your marketplace account, your advertising campaign needs to be carefully planned and managed to increase sales without overspending and wiping out your profit margins. This is where an expert marketplace advertiser can make or break your profit margins.

If you have not done so already, you will need to formulate an acceptable acquisition cost, then you know what you’re willing to spend for each sale. Once you have your acquisition cost and add your merchant costs, you simply factor in your expected profit. You will be left with a reasonable advertising budget, which scales once your sales start to increase. The bottom line is that you will need to carefully consider who is managing your marketplace account and advertising campaigns to ensure consistent profits MoM.

While advertising your products in a marketplace is essential to achieving increased sales if you have not yet optimized your marketplace account you could easily overspend on clicks. Since most marketplace advertising is charged by the click or PPC, products that have been optimized have a far better chance of selling with fewer clicks than those which have not been optimized. The marketplace account that is not optimized will always pay for more clicks to produce fewer sales than an optimized account, and that will drive your acquisitions costs higher and your profits lower. To learn more about optimizing your marketplace account, continue reading the next section for MPO.

Marketplace MPO

Are your marketplace products not performing very well? Are your accounts disappointing the effort you spent in getting your products listed? If you answered yes, then you are not alone as most merchants don’t know about marketplace optimization. Most merchants who create marketplace accounts don’t have much insight or experience in how to optimize their listings to achieve the buy button or get a better ranking than 344,598. And marketplaces can be a bit complicated, with so many rules and policies it can seem impossible to make everything work in your favor. The fact is marketplaces don’t exactly make it easy for merchants to increase their ranking or revenue.

What you need is an optimized account, whatever was done to get your products listed probably was just the beginning. Affordable Marketing (MPO) marketplace optimization experts not only optimize your account and products once but continue to make changes as needed and monitor your account for issues that might disrupt your progress.

The term Marketplace Optimization or MPO is like SEO, as it involves reviewing every aspect of your account to find opportunities for increasing your products sales performance. An MPO reviews critical account performance factors such as product configuration, shipping, connections, advertising and more. MPO’s find the big things and the little things that are impeding your marketplace accounts progress in achieving higher sales numbers. The fact is that marketplaces, when managed by experts perform significantly better, becoming a new leg of revenue that merchants can start to depend on. After all, isn’t this why your started your marketplace account in the first place?

If your marketplace account is not meeting its potential in generating revenue, we can help. Let our marketplace optimization team show you how we can optimize your account and start to increase the revenue in your marketplace.

 Irvine, CA B2B marketplaces are a great tool for increasing sales without disturbing your current sales chain, and if you want to increase sales without waiting for new relationships to mature then marketplaces can be essential. Marketplaces are often faceless, which makes doing business easier without the need for traditional relational management. While B2B marketplaces usually have far fewer customers than Amazon or Walmart for instance, the trade-off can be worth it to find new customers and increase sales.

If you have B2B marketplaces where you want your products to display, we can help to propagate your products onto these marketplaces and even help with the account setup, configuration, and management. Keep in mind that due to requirements B2B companies have, the setup can be more complicated in B2B marketplaces which might be a bit too much for typical marketers without the technical knowledge.

Once you have found the right fit for you products on a B2B marketplace and your account has been created and products uploaded, the real work has just begun. As with any online property that sells merchandise, you will need an account optimization and advertising strategy to generate sales. While having these extra sales funnels seems like a great idea, they can be very competitive and have fewer customers, which means your B2B will need take advantage of every opportunity to increase sales and make the marketplace account profitable.

Whatever your needs may be as you venture into the B2B marketplace, we can help to clarify your expectations by creating a plan for increasing sales. Contact us today to schedule a free ZOOM consultation, we’ll answer all your questions.

Dropshipping is a great way to generate revenue without taking on the associated risks of leasing a warehouse, inventory, labor, insurance and so on. The trade-off as you already know is the reduced revenue due to the lack of risk. If your dropshipping business is new and you are exploring marketplaces to sell on, or if you already have a dropshipping business generating revenue and want to increase sales on your marketplace account then we can help.

Understanding how the dropshipping business works and taking into considerations the slim profit margins associated with most dropship businesses we can help increase your sales and ensure that the appropriate sales data is passed to your dropshipping partner to ensure shipping and payments are both completed without delay.

Schedule a free Zoom consultation to learn more about how we can help to increase your sales and properly manage your marketplaces account.