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B2B marketing is quite different from D2C marketing, even while it still makes use of many of the same disciplines. Affordable Marketing has been working with B2B business owners, managers and teams for more than two decades. Having worked in more than 50 different industries and markets, our team brings a wealth of B2B experience to every project. We have proven methods and processes to get our B2B services started and producing results much faster than our competitors. That means when you use Affordable Marketing B2B revenue generating solutions, you will start to see results faster. One last thought, very few marketing companies you will find on the internet have any real-world B2B experience in the B2B market, which means you should be diligent when speaking to marketing agencies to ensure they will be a good fit for your company’s needs.

Affordable Marketing B2B revenue solutions include: B2B Marketing, B2B Ecommerce, B2B Website Design, B2B Payments, B2B RingCentral Phone Systems, B2B Customer Service Outsourcing.


While many companies in the B2B market tend to acquire new customers from traditional methods such as word-of-mouth, there is a new competitive push to do more in the realm of driving new customers. Manufacturers who have long used their marketing departments primarily for print content such as cut-cards, catalogs and leave behind flyers are facing an ever growing demand to be more competitive. The result can be a mixed bag of efforts that may produce some fruit but usually never as many new customers as initially expected.

With a massive push of non US based companies penetrating deeply into the US market, some B2B companies (especially manufacturers) might find themselves battling competitors simply to hold onto their current customer base. This can be frustrating and can leave decision makers feeling a sense of urgency without a viable game plan to acquire new customers.

Affordable Marketing understands the B2B market, we understand how hard your team and entire company has worked over the years, and the thought of losing ground to a foreign based company seems unfathomable. While no one is suggesting a major change in direction, your marketing effort may need a fresh perspective from an experienced marketing team that knows how to help you build a strategy, clarify milestones and achieve goals.

The cost of learning more is $0, just schedule a free zoom consultation and we will listen to your concerns and help your team to develop the best strategy moving forward.

B2B Ecommerce

One of the least expensive and fastest ways to start reselling your companies products is to find merchants or resellers who are hungry for them. Giving merchants an online purchasing system where they can place their orders according to your company’s current inventory. It also makes ordering easier for merchants and gives them the flexibility of ordering as often or as little as they need and only when they have need for more inventory.

Your payment system should also be very flexible, we have built the following scenarios for B2B ecommerce clients in their online ordering systems: credit card or debit card, ACH payments, wire transfers, digital payment platforms, paper checks or cash, Net-7, 10, 15, 30, 60, or 90. Since you already have a B2B relationship with your merchants, options such as taking payment after they place an order may entice them to purchase more products, more often.

Shipping is also simplified in B2B ecommerce, no elaborate rules or policies just simple shipping options that keep the shipping of the transaction simple, and shipping costs down.

Finally, we have the security section of your website, how do you let in existing or new customers and keep out non-customers from seeing your wholesale pricing? For security we build secure login and registration pages for existing and new customers. If you have an existing merchant, they can simply create their account which will remain in-active until your team has verified the merchant and activated their account. For new merchants that you may or may not know, they will receive a signup page where we can add any questions your team needs to ask them to verify their business. Once verified you can simply activate their account and they can begin ordering.

Conversion Rate Optimization

With the deep level of ecommerce experience at Affordable Marketing, we can build your B2B ecommerce ordering site on any of the following platforms: Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce or Magento. Any of these platforms can be used for B2B ecommerce and will work very well for the needs described in this section.

Finally, we have the security section of your website, how do you let in existing or new customers and keep out non-customers from seeing your wholesale pricing? We both strong login and registration pages for existing and new merchants. If you have an existing merchant, they can simply create their account which will remain in-active until your team has verified the merchant and activated their account. For new merchants that you may or may not know, they will receive a signup page where we can add any questions your team needs to ask them to verify their business. Once verified you can simply activate their account and they can begin ordering.

B2B Website Design

Designing your B2B website is not the same as just buying a template and throwing up a WordPress site. There are many things to consider with B2B website design which typical D2C software developers do not consider.

For instance, will your company be displaying pricing on your website? Also, if you will be displaying pricing, are there different levels of pricing for different customers? If you answered yes to the previous two questions, then you cannot use standard website components for your B2B website, because they do not include the basic functions required to build multi-tiered pricing.

The next thing to take into consideration when searching for a B2B website design company are the types of products or services you want to display to your customers, and how these should be organized. Keeping in mind that any company wanting to do business with your company probably doesn’t want to be inundated with frontend marketing. So, designing B2B pages needs to be more succinct. Most business owners and managers when looking to do business with a B2B company have very specific information they are looking for, perhaps even checking off details from a list compiled by their team. If your B2B website doesn’t answer those details, you may lose potential new customers.

Finally, whatever B2B website design company your company chooses should understand how to add company accounts into your website. This allows your accounting or accounts payable department to add billing statements into your clients online accounts, thus saving time and labor by no longer needing to mail invoices. You can also trigger events in your customers accounts that send an automated email when a new invoice is due, much like banks send reminders when credit card payments are due.

Please schedule a free Zoom consultation to discuss your needs and receive a detail proposal for your B2B website design.  

B2B Payments has made selling online easy so you can grow your business
With, you can process payments in any way that works for your business, whether it’s through your website, mobile app, or manual transactions. We make it easy to accept credit cards and help ensure you get paid.

Payment types accepted
Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, PayPal, Apple Pay, eCheck and more.

Payments from anywhere, anytime
Accept international transactions from customers worldwide. Your business must be based in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe or Australia. For additional international locations, please visit Cybersource.

Accept payments virtually, anywhere
Any merchant can use this service. Once you install VPOS onto your PC,1 you’ll just need a supported card reader and downloaded software to process credit card payments.

Repeat business should be quick and easy
Card on file simplifies returning customers’ checkout experience so they can purchase your products with fewer clicks instead of re-entering payment info. And storing payment information on our secure servers reduces your security liability.

Offer more ways to pay
Your customers make purchases in person, on computers, and on their mobile devices, and we offer solutions to support the evolving payment landscape.

Get paid faster with digital invoicing and eChecks

Digital Invoicing
Paper invoices can be a hassle: Filling them out, mailing them out and waiting to receive payment, which often includes processing checks and waiting for those checks to settle, all takes time and affects your cash flow.

By using digital invoices, you can reduce the amount of work and time it takes to process invoice payments. With digital invoices, your customers can receive a digital invoice by email, which they can easily view and pay from any enabled device using a secure payment form. We make it simple for customers to pay with a card, which processes faster than a check and is managed from the’s platform—the same place as the rest of your card payments.

We’ve found that customers usually pay faster with digital invoices, which results in improved cash flow for you. When payment isn’t immediate, you have the ability to check an invoice’s status or send automatic email reminders. Digital invoicing is an included feature in’s platform, enabling you to maximize profits when making the switch from paper to digital.

Another way to help customers pay faster is by offering an electronic check, or eCheck, option. An electronic check works much like a traditional check, but instead of using a paper check to provide their bank account, routing number and payment authorization, customers provide this information through a secure form, allowing the merchant to process the information electronically.

While paper checks require manual entry or scanning, trips to the bank, and slow processing times, eChecks can be processed faster through the Automated Clearing House (ACH), an electronic system that helps move money from one bank account to another. eChecks provide customers with another digital solution that limits contact and are ideal for recurring payments. Businesses benefit by lowering the burden of processing traditional checks, while providing additional payment options to their customers.

B2B RingCentral Phone Systems

RingCentral RingEX
Effortless business communications
Calls, messages, and meetings unified with real-time AI and conversation intelligence, for seamless productivity.

CRM Integration for Call Centers & Support
Seamlessly integrates to your CRM, allowing your customers service or support to recall current customers from your CRM and have the customers account automatically appear on the CRM screen with just a call.

B2B Customer Service Outsourcing

Running a typical Customer Service department or Call Center in the US has become increasingly expensive. With increasing wages, difficulties in staffing, training, and retaining employees along with the ever increasing costs of office space rental, running a Customer Service team has become a monumental and expensive task. Even a small Customer Service department can be a full time job for two managers, and that’s just added cost to a non-profit function your company cannot live without.

We have a solution that the largest companies in the US have implemented over the last few years, outsourcing. We work with a large Call Center in the Philippines that has hundreds of English speaking professional Customer Service men and women working 24/7. This means no payroll, no sick time, no vacations, no office space rent, and no overhead as they come equipped with their own phone systems. This is truly a win/win for any company burdened with the overhead costs and employee headaches of running their own Call Center or Customer Service team.